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Flying drone in Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya is one of the highest mountain town in Sri Lanka. I stayed there for 2 days and visiting 2 cool places to flight Mavic. In this post, I'll talk about 2 spots on the outskirts of the town: Glen Falls and Single Tree Hill.

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Back to Horton plains after 15 years

Horton Plains is a 2000 meters plateau located in a South part of Sri Lankan mountains. It has a beautiful cleaf at the end which is called the "World's End". In 2002 I ve been there 3 times and only once the weather were great to see the view down. I was very excited to get back to Horton Plains this time.

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In February 2020 I returned to Sigiriya to revisit this amazing stone. Here is my story:

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