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Ala-Kul, climbing to high-mountain lake

Ala-Kul lake (Kyrgyz: Алакөл) is located in Kyrgyzstan, Issyk-Kul region, near Karakol city on 3,560m above sea level. In the Kyrgyz language, it translates as the variegated lake. This post describes an experience of climbing there.

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How to get from Palenque to Flores(Tikal)

Mayan culture is very interesting and ruins are amazing places to get closer to it.

There is 2 big ruins site not far from each other: Palenque and Tikal. 

Obviously, you would like to visit both and let me tell you how.`

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What to see in Chengdu, capital of Pandaria

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan, which I call it Pandaria. It is my favorite city.  

Here is a list of places I would recommend to visit:

  • Giant Panda Breeding Research Base
  • Chunxi Road Pedestrian Street
  • Tianfu square
  • Indoor aquapark
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Ergaki national park, ultimate hiking experience

This is post is about the hidden magnificent place of Russia Ergaki park. 

It is located in Western Sayan, South Siberia, between Krasnoyark and Kyzyl.


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Flying drone in Prague

I just returned from Prague and want to share my experience about, how I flew my quad, DJI Mavic Pro

Places I 've flown at:

  • Metronome
  • Strahov Stadium
  • Strelec Island
  • Visegrad
  • Hostyvar pond
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Hua Shan trail pass

In 2014 I visited Hua Shan(华山) mountain in Shaanxi province, China

The nearest big city is Xian. The journey to Hua Shan starts from old train station.



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Siam Park City (สวนสยาม) - my favorite waterpark

Siam park city is located in suburbs of Bangkok. The best way to get there is by Taxi. Just tell the driver "Siam park city". Usually, it costs about 300 baht.

First time I visited it in 1996. I was only 6 years old. We visited it about once a month. It is one of most excited experience, I remember from living in Thailand.

Check the site of the place: https://www.siamparkcity.com/en/main.php

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