How to get to Ankara on a speed train

January 2018, I had a 5 days flight over in Istanbul. I decided to visit Ankara. The best way to get there is speed train.

This post describes how to buy a ticket and get to the station to go on a train to Ankara. Buying ticket online

The official site to buy the tickets is Choose Istanbul (Pendik), start typing with small "i", and Ankara (gar) and the date and press search. Notice then man and woman who doesn't know each other, can't buy ticket together.

It is possible to book tickets ahead for 14 days 14 days. Price starts from 15 USD. Ticket will be sent to an email. Don't forget to print it before going to the station.


Ticket search form

Getting to station

Pendik station is located in Pendik area. It is on the east side of Istanbul. There are 3 options to get the east side from the western side. 

There is a bus, which rides via 15 July Martyrs Bridge or a ferry. I didn't use any of those. I recommend using the metro.

New Marmaray line of the metro, which lies under Bosphorus, was opened recently. The ride from Taksim to Pendik station takes about 1h 20min.  There is a bus from Pendik metro station to Pendik railway station. It scheduled every 5 minutes and cost 2 TRY. I started my journey in 3 hours before the train and came really early. Metro is a really reliable way to get there.

That's an entrance to the station on a map below. It'is impossible to miss it.


Waiting to get to the trains.

The checkpoint, which checks tickets, is underground. They allow people to trains in 30 minutes. So if you come earlier you will wait before the checkpoint. There are a small shop and waiting benches. Show your ticket to authorities and go to the train. Choose the seat that is printed on the ticket. 

Ankara station

Ankara station is modern and big building. It is similar to a new railway station in China, but of course their so much fewer people. On a second floor, there is a food court, where Turkish and international fast food is cooked.

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