What to see in Chengdu, capital of Pandaria

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan, which I call it Pandaria because the area of inhabitants of pandas is in Sichuan. It is my favorite city in China. I've visited it 2 times for 5 and 2 days.

Chengdu changed a lot in recent fifteen years. New apartments building, malls, subway system were built recently and very fast. Even in this 3 years between my trip, I could notice some difference.


Giant Panda Breeding Research Base


If you are into pandas, this is the place for you. Here you can find all types of pandas. Pandas from one to 30 years old live there. Pandas are adorable and funny to watch even they don't do much. Usually, pandas just eat bamboo. Panda loves bamboo. They also eat bread and carrot. Sometimes they gather about 5 pandas for a dine indoor or outdoor, depends on the weather.

To get there you should take the metro to station "Panda avenue". At the station exit, you will see busses that will take you to the center. It is very convenient. When I visited it for the first time there was no other option but a taxi.

For more photos check panda's album Pandas

panda center

Panda center

Chunxi Road Pedestrian Street


Chunxi pedestrian street is a shopping center of the city. All big malls are here. The most interesting mall is IFS. It has the famous panda on a roof. If you get there you should get to it faces for a photo. it is very good.

Food mall is located on the first floor of IFS. It has all types of Chinese food for a reasonable price, therefore there are a lot of foreigners. I always visit it for a dinner. It also has an ice rink.

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IFS mall

Tianfu Square and People's Park


Another big square in a center of Chengdu. It is a nice place to make a picture of all the new skyscrapers. Mao statue and Sichuan museum located near the museum.

There is a lot of police there, so I would not recommend launching a drone there.

It is located between IFS and People's park, so don't mind to take a photo on a way to the Park.

People's Park

It is the largest green area in downtown Chengdu. Many people go there during lunch time from offices. Locals are playing cards or dominos. Old people are dancing and playing sports. Kids are riding small roller coasters. I chose to ride a bump car, it is for kids, but I still do have a lot of fun. If you are interested in the everyday lifestyle of locals you should check it.

It is a classic Chinese park :)

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Sichuan Science and Technology Museum

Indoor aquapark


The indoor aquapark is located in the Global mall. The easiest way to get there is to go to "Century city" metro station. The mall is huge. It is the biggest one in China. Half of it is engaged with a hotel and the aquapark.

The aquapark has rides, the biggest indoor pool in the world, several jacuzzies. One weird thing about it, that you should wear a life vest not to draw, I guess it is because most locals don’t swim. When I visited most rides was closed so I didn't have the full experience.

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Chengdu's water park



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